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Hello and welcome! I’m Leslie Anne, but most people know me as L.A. Barrett. I'm thrilled that you've stepped into my world—a realm where beauty isn’t just a superficial layer, but an expressive form of art that empowers and enlightens.

All About Me

My Journey Begins in the Big Apple

Ah, New York City—a place teeming with possibilities and bursting with energy. That’s where my love affair with beauty, self-expression, and art began. In this city that never sleeps, I honed my skills in acting, directing, and choreography, all while falling deeper in love with the transformative power of makeup and hair artistry.


Ottawa: My Second Home

Life’s journey led me north, to the charming city of Ottawa, Canada, where I was blessed to be a part of the CTV Ottawa/Bell Media family for over two and a half decades. Ottawa isn't just a new backdrop; it's been a canvas on which I've been able to broaden my artistic repertoire. Plus, I got to be closer to family—what’s not to love?


Crafting a Symphony of Style

Over three decades, I've worn many hats—hair stylist, makeup artist, mentor, and yes, even a choreographer! Whether it's designing looks for runway shows, editorials, or transforming celebrities and politicians for their big moments, every stroke of my brush is a step towards making someone not just look, but feel amazing. My life's work is to create extraordinary experiences out of ordinary moments.


LA Barrett: A Brand Born Out of Passion

You might have come across my exclusive line of makeup and skincare products, "LA Barrett." Developed in collaboration with master hair stylist and salon owner Bruno Racine, this line is my love letter to everyone who believes that beauty should be accessible, yet extraordinary. You can find these products online or at the prestigious Bruno Racine Salon right here in Ottawa.


More Than Just Makeup

I’m incredibly fortunate to work with some of Canada’s most talented professionals. Together, we do more than just make you look good; we make you feel good. Makeup, for me, transcends the superficial—it's a tool for boosting confidence, embracing individuality, and capturing hearts.


So there you have it! A snapshot of my life’s journey so far. I invite you to explore the rest of the site to see my work, discover my services, and perhaps find inspiration in my blog. Thank you for being here, and I can't wait to make your world a little more beautiful.

With warmth and grace,

L.A. Barrett

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