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Welcome to the enchanting universe of L.A. Barrett! Journey with us through a world where beauty is not just skin-deep but an art form that inspires and empowers. With over three decades of experience spanning the vibrant landscapes of New York City to the heartwarming community of Ottawa, L.A. Barrett has mastered the craft of elevating natural beauty into a radiant spectacle. Whether you're looking for transformative makeup artistry, innovative hair styling, or to explore our exclusive "LA Barrett" product line, you've arrived at the right place. Step in and let L.A. Barrett make your world a little more beautiful.

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About Me

Leslie Anne Barrett, known affectionately as "L.A.," is a masterful makeup and hair artist with a career spanning over three decades. Trained in the vibrant artistic hub of New York City, L.A. has become an industry linchpin in Ottawa, Canada, where she serves as the Head of Makeup/Hair at CTV Ottawa/Bell Media. Co-founder of the exclusive "L.A. Barrett Makeup and Skin Care" line and a leading artist at international Fashion Weeks, Leslie Anne's unparalleled expertise transforms not just faces but also sets trends in the beauty world. From gracing magazine covers to making brides feel extraordinarily beautiful, her artistry is a symphony of creativity, passion, and individual expression that has garnered her acclaim both in Canada and internationally.

Services Offered

There may be no better way to communicate what I do than through images. As you browse my site, take a moment to let your eyes linger here and get a feel for my signature touch.


Michelle Valberg, C.M

"Leslie Anne Barrett is a makeup artist and stylist extraordinaire whose pizzazz and sense of style make her a standout in the industry. Her caring nature and passion for her craft galvanize her to deliver extraordinary results every time. Trusted, experienced, fun, and caring, Leslie transforms every session into a memorable and delightful experience. She is truly a leader in her field!"
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